Hummax pole LCD display installed in Las Vegas

2021-12-21 00:58

On December 19th, Hummax 43inches Pole Installation LCD display YHAP430-OD02 are successfully installed and commissioned in Las Vagas City, USA. a total of 14PCS display screens, mainly used for Bus information and Advertising

43inches Pole Installation LCD display

This product design Combined with urban characteristics and integrated with urban landscape, it has greatly attracted the eyes of citizens, Customers like such a clean and artistic design and affectionately call it pink "Lollipop".

43inches Pole Installation LCD display

Hummax 43inches Pole Installation LCD display has many functions, such as smoke and fog sensing, door opening sensing, high and low temperature protection, remote switch, etc., and is connected to the urban public transport system, It is a truly intelligent LCD product.

The product quality and display effect exceeded customer expectations. Customers spoke highly of the product and expressed their intention of long-term cooperation with us.

Hummax focuses on the R & D and production of Indoor and Outdoor Smart City LCD displays . Years of experience accumulation and technology precipitation have created excellent product quality and stable product performance. Especially in the field of bus station screen, train platform screen and in vehicle advertising display, hummax has many successful cases and excellent reputation. It is your best partner in the field of Smart CIty transportation LCD display.

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