Bus Station LCD Digital Signage

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With the gradual development of smart public transport in major and medium-sized cities across the country, the goal of changing the travel experience of citizens and alleviating travel difficulties for citizens is gradually being realized.The digital signage market is becoming more and more lively, and a large number of smart bus stop digital signs have been purchased and installed to serve the general public. The digital signage of the bus station is different from the ordinary bus stop sign in the past. The former will be equipped with one or more high-definition LCD display screens, and embedded smart chips, so that it has display attributes and smart attributes at the same time, which truly realizes electronic public transportation.

LCD Digital Signage for Bus station

Compared with ordinary static advertisements, outdoor bus station LCD digital signage creates more possibilities. Most of the audience of static advertisements may be passers-by, who are busy with work every day and rarely pay attention to what's new on the ship. When people sit on the bus and have nothing to do, the digital signage of the bus station can easily attract people's attention through high-resolution and real-time video. Compared with traditional printing paper, it is easier and cheaper to all content at the same time through the remote control of the publisher's office.

  • Can instantly

  • Use the least power

  • Perfect readability in the brightest light and semi-dark environment

  • Withstand all weather conditions

Bus digital signage is one of the most powerful advertising tools in the transportation field.

Bus Station Pole Display

Whether you are looking for an LCD monitor that can operate in a sunlit (all outdoor) or sun-protected (semi-outdoor) area, we can provide you with a solution. If you want something special, don't worry, we can build it for you. Our all-weather digital outdoor signage can be well used for public interactive urban multimedia screens or highly visible advertising displays.

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