Inside bus screen

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With the continuous development of technology, LCD displays have become ubiquitous in public transportation. Buses are indispensable on city roads. The bus digital signage must not only cooperate with the on-board intelligent terminal scheduling, but also integrate functions such as multi-function, full viewing angle, advertising, bus guidance display, and clear stop display. It is a new type of mobile multimedia precision advertising platform that brings more intuitive visual convenience to the public.

Inside bus screen

Some time ago, our bus display project in Florida was reported by National Transportation Magazine for its good product quality.

The project plans to install 332 23.8-inch rugged Android displays for 166 buses. Each bus includes a main screen, a slave screen and a bus dedicated display control system.Pilot testing of the new digital information screen that will appear on the bus has now begun, that is, providing real-time service information to passengers on the bus.

The easy-to-read digital displays offer:

  • Real-time travel information, including estimated arrival times for upcoming stops,

  • Transfer information for other services,

  • Service alerts and persistent indication when any passenger has requested the bus make the next stop.

This new technology supplements the existing visual and audio service information already available on all buses—large text announcing the next stop and audio announcements to assist those with hearing or visual impairments will remain.

The project is still in progress and is expected to be completed soon. Due to the excellent performance of our display in terms of brightness, contrast, refresh rate and product operation stability, it has been highly praised by customers.

If you have projects of indoor and outdoor advertising display, traffic information display, etc., Hummax will be your best partner.

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