Hummax Netherlands ZWOLLE Bus Station LCD Display Project

2019-08-06 14:29 admin

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Recently, our Dutch customer sent us a set of case photos, and said that the product is stable and the display is satisfactory, which gives us a high evaluation.


The project has a total of 30 32-inch bus station displays installed at the ZWOLLE bus station in the Netherlands to display the bus information. Our bus station display has the following features:

With integrated functions has a full viewing angle, advertising (video, text, picture), bus guide display, clear site display, which brings more direct visual convenience to the masses. The 32-inch outdoor bus station display is made of aluminum alloy casing and tempered glass. It is sturdy and resistant to corrosion and corrosion. It is stylish and beautiful. At the same time, the protection level of the whole machine can reach IP55. It has good environmental adaptability and can meet outdoor use. The LCD screen adopts high quality 32 inch LCD. The display screen has a resolution of 1920*1080. The backlight of the liquid crystal display adopts high-brightness LED and constant current driving technology, which can make the display brightness reach 1500 cd / m2 or more, and realize visibility under sunlight. Built-in exhaust system ensures that the advertising machine works reliably outdoors.

Please click here for detailed product parameters → www.outdoor-bus-station-LCD-digital-signage.html

outdoor station LCD screen

bus station display

HUMMAX specializes in outdoor LCD display technology and military display product development and production, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of display technology research and development team. The ten thousand level no-dust workshop and advanced production process ensure that our products meet or exceed the requirements of various industry standards. It is your best partner for LCD display products.

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