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How does the LCD display work normally at an ultra-low temperature of -30°C and an ultra-high temperature of +70°C? How can outdoor display devices effectively achieve clear visibility under strong sunlight without increasing any energy consumption? Can the outdoor advertising machine achieve a strong anti-function in rainy and humid areas? How to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements?

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These problems are the technical points that all manufacturers need to solve, effectively solving all the above-mentioned reinforcement problems, and aiming to enhance the LCD screen function to meet the special requirements of high-end display equipment. The LCD screen has been widely used in various industries, displaying its text and image information through the LCD screen. The display technology has developed from a single analog and digital to the current multi-functional graphic image, which plays an important role in information exchange.

In order to realize the enhancement of various functions of the LCD screen, the following technical structure schemes can be applied:

  • Low-temperature start electric heating bonding technical solution: through the electric heating function, realize the technical functions of low-temperature start of the LCD display, anti-frost and defogging, and avoid display trailing phenomenon.

  • Visible bonding technology in the sun: After the LCD screen is loaded with low-reflection bonding technology, it can fully realize the technical functions of visibility in the sun, vibration resistance, impact resistance, pressure resistance and heat dissipation.

  • Choose electromagnetic shielding wire mesh, shielding glass, high-transmittance electromagnetic shielding film products, so that the outdoor optical bonding lcd digital signage has anti-interference performance in a complex electromagnetic environment.

Now LCD screen bonding technology has been widely used in outdoor display equipment for military field troops, outdoor LCD advertising displays and outdoor electronic signage displays for civilians, outdoor car TVs, ATM machines, fuel dispensers, display instruments and other complex environments. , It is the upgrading technical solution of LCD.

Bonding LCD display can be visible in the sun, has good contrast, outdoor readability, can effectively absorb vibration, has good shock and vibration resistance, and can eliminate liquid crystal The pressurized water ripple phenomenon on the screen enhances the waterproof performance, heat dissipation performance and excellent low air pressure performance. It can adapt to various harsh environments and effectively extend the service life of the LCD screen. Hummax bonding slim LCD monitors is resistant to ultraviolet rays, high temperature and high humidity limit, the maximum temperature can reach 71 degrees, and it works normally.

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