Station LCD Advertising Kiosk will be the standard configuration of smart city

2022-06-24 10:38 admin

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This time of year is the tourist season. I wonder if you have found that in the past two years, many tourist attractions' signs and urban bus stop signs have changed from traditional signs to Station LCD Advertising Kiosk which greatly facilitates those who come for the first time. Today, let's learn how convenient LCD outdoor advertising machines can bring to people.

Station LCD Advertising Kiosk

First of all, what is Station LCD Advertising Kiosk ? The outdoor advertising kiosk has the function of multimedia playback, and supports the playback of file video and streaming media video (in various forms: video, picture and audio) and high-definition trans-coding.

The outdoor advertising kiosk uses LCD display to play video ads, which is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands to transmit all-round product information and promotion information to consumers. Different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media, outdoor advertising machines have a wide range of applications and remarkable effects.

Station LCD Advertising Kiosk has terminal remote control function: it can adjust video playing volume, switch on / off the machine remotely / at a fixed time, and emergency alarm function.

Intelligent electronic bus stop board: it can clearly display the bus stops of each line of the station, accurate voice station reporting function, and real-time display weather forecast, current news and other information. This function brings great convenience to citizens. Install cameras to monitor platform conditions in real time, which plays an important role in urban public security. At the same time, advertisements are broadcast 24 hours a day to spread the latest information in real time, bringing more benefits to merchants. LCD outdoor advertising machines not only increase the profits of the advertising merchants, but also bring convenience to the masses.

Station LCD Advertising Kiosk will be the standard configuration of smart city. HUMMAX exhibition has won the trust of our customers with its first-class technical level, professional R & D and sales team and gold medal after-sales service.

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