USA 37inches LCD Bus Stop Pole Display

2023-05-15 09:00 admin

Picture sharing of case feedback from customers, the 37inches LCD Bus Stop Pole Display customized by American customers, which is installed at bus stops to display bus information and other commercial advertising content. The product has a brightness of 2000-2500nit, waterproof and dustproof, meeting the conditions for outdoor display. The high brightness screen ensures that the product still has very clear visibility in sunny weather.


YHAP370-0D02 is a color active matrix TFT LCD MDL using amorphous silicon TFT's (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. This MDL has a 37 inch diagonally measured active area with FHD resolutions (1920 horizontal by 540 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into RED, GREEN, BLUE dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this module can display 16.7M colors. The TFT-LCD MDL panel is adapted for a low reflection and higher color type.

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