Development history of LCD monitor for bus

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Dim birth stage

The initial public transport advertising design is very simple. Generally, banners are hung on the front and body of the bus for passers-by to watch. The simple and uniform advertising design is not of great value to the crowd. Therefore, although the public transport advertising at this time has a certain meaning, most people are difficult to have a clear impression of the brand or product advertising.

From 1995 to 1998, with the rise of new mainstream media such as television, newspapers and periodicals, the advertising position of public transport was severely squeezed. Although the advertising style of public transport at that time had been improved compared with the original banner, the public transport was fixed on both sides of the bus with wood or glass plate, and the corresponding advertising words were written through paint. Although this was better than the original banner, the production cycle and cost increased a lot, Compared with the TV and newspapers with a wider range of communication, bus advertising has become the worst policy of the major advertising financiers.

LCD monitor for bus

Rapid development stage

In fact, the development of
LCD monitor for bus has taken advantage of the spring breeze of new technology and new technology. Its development cannot be separated from the significant increase in the number of public transport uses caused by the proposal of the concept of "green travel" in recent years and the continuous in-depth research on LCD monitor for bus by many advertising hunters with unique vision.

The 2017 China public transport advertising trend forum was held in Chongqing. Industry guests conducted in-depth discussions on the breakthrough and innovation of public transport advertising in the new communication environment. Xiao Xing, head of Yidian information South China Marketing Center, believed that the development of technologies such as digital big screen and big data redefined users' life scenes and content, and reconstructed the content and value of outdoor advertising. As a form of outdoor advertising, public transport advertising is also transitioning from traditional to digital under the impact of technology. In the past, we often saw these outdoor billboards on the outer walls of buildings, waiting halls, bus bodies or both sides of the highway, which are quietly changing from form, data and interactive terminals under the impact of technology.

In 2017-2018, the "sound powered bus scraping card" activity set off an upsurge of nationwide interaction in Xiamen, Ludao. The organizers achieved a new combination with public transport through the new technology independently developed by Xiamen sound Internet - sound code. During the event, they only need to turn on their mobile phones when taking the bus. Through the sound code technology, they can accept scraping cards on the specified software and win prizes in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, This marketing campaign eventually reached 4924628 times of interaction, and millions of physical gifts were sent out. The perfect combination of mobile public transport and new technologies finally created a million million dollar marketing campaign. From this, we can see the great potential of digitalization of
LCD monitor for bus scenarios.

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