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2022-06-14 09:24

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Outdoor-lcd-signage.com is dedicated to being the most professional digital signage designer, manufacturer, and supplier. We offer stand-alone digital signage, Station LCD Advertising Kiosk, floor stand lcd signage, outdoor advertising players, Free Standing LCD Panel Digital Signage, wall-mounted digital signage, LCD video wall, multimedia kiosk, interactive LCD blackboard, etc.

stand-alone digital signage

When compared to traditional static advertising, bus station displays offer more options. The majority of the audience for a static advertisement may be passers-by who are rushing to work every day and rarely notice what's new on board.

Bus stop when passengers are bored on the bus, digital signage may readily catch their attention with high resolution and live video. In comparison to traditional printed newspapers, updating all articles at the same time via remote control from the publisher's office is easier and less expensive.

What makes us different?

1. Strict quality control

Quality assurance is required at all times. All of our goods have been certified by CE, FCC, and Series to ensure that clients may import and sell them easily around the world.

2. Strong R&D strength

We are one of the top LCD panel’s manufacturers in the commercial display market, with years of development expertise. Original A+ panels are used in all of our products. Qualified hardware assists us in gaining the trust of clients all around the world. R&D engineers are constantly working to improve and polish our hardware and software in order to provide clients with a better user experience.

3. Innovation

Dedicated to developing sophisticated signage systems.

4. Customer Support

Our commitment is to provide our clients with great business value.

Product are approved and tested to satisfy the industry's toughest requirements.

5. Respect and honesty

Maintain the dignity of our employees, customers, and community.

Outdoor-lcd-signage.com is a high-tech company with its own R&D department dedicated to the rapid development of software systems and related applications.

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