How And Where To Buy Wall Mounted LCD Monitor

Outdoor advertising should be taken into account even when digital advertising is gaining traction. You should have better outdoor advertising messages and channels for advertisements and...

The Best Way To Market Your Products Via Digital Signage Solutions

Shenzhen Hummax Display Systems Company provides you with independent digital solutions at various affordable packages.

How You Must Look for Smart Outdoor Advertising LCD Displays

Outdoor advertising still holds significance because you need to be present everywhere, especially when people are on the move, they can consume content too and you have to be present out there.

Station LCD Advertising Kiosk will be the standard configuration of smart city

Past two years, many tourist attractions'signs and urban bus stop signs have changed from traditional signs to Station LCD Advertising Kiosk which greatly facilitates those who come for the first ...

Why relay at for buying digital signage?

2022-06-14 is dedicated to being the most professional digital signage designer, manufacturer, and supplier. We offer stand-alone digital signage, Station LCD Advertising Kiosk...

Bus Station Pole Display

Where there are roads, there are street lamps, and where there are street lamps, there is a market for intelligent bus station pole display.

Development history of LCD monitor for bus

LCD monitor for bus by many advertising hunters with unique vision. public transport advertising is also transitioning from traditional to digital under the impact of technology.

How to install Outdoor Bus Station LCD Display?

Do you want to know how to install Outdoor Bus Station LCD Display? Here's a five-step method for incorporating LCD digital signage for bus station into your marketing strategy.

Traditional passenger information board change into LCD display

Today, You can’t drive down the road, walk into a restaurant, head to an airport, take into the subway or train station even go a school anymore without seeing passenger information LCD display...

Outdoor Optical Bonding LCD Display is used outdoors or working in a strong light environment

Optical bonding is a process where a layer of resin is applied between the glass or touchscreen and TFT LCD TFT panel of a monitor, bonding them to make a solid laminate with no gaps or pockets of air

HUMMAX research of outdoor railway station LCD screen

HUMMAX provides outdoor railway station LCD screen systems and voice announcement systems for stations and stops of all types – premium, provincial, regional, agglomeration-based, tourist, and ...

What do you know about Station LCD advertising player

Station LCD advertising player are meant to improve customer service, promotions, and brand awareness. They may be used to display public information, communicate internally, or provide product inform

Technical principle of Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors

Hummax uses passive enhancements to improve the sunlight readability of its rugged LCD monitors and embedded Free Standing LCD Panel Digital Signage when they operate in high-light environments.

Outdoor Optical Bonding LCD Digital Signage

Outdoor Optical Bonding LCD Digital Signage is used outdoors or working in a strong light environment. It is popular in military, marine, medical, transportation and retail sectors.

Bus shelter lcd digital signage

The digital signage of the bus station is different from the ordinary bus stop sign in the past. The former will be equipped with one or more high-definition LCD display screens, and embedded...

Bus Station LCD Digital Signage

Whether you are looking for an LCD monitor that can operate in a sunlit (all outdoor) or sun-protected (semi-outdoor) area, we can provide you with a solution.

Inside bus screen

The bus digital signage must not only cooperate with the on-board intelligent terminal scheduling, but also integrate functions

In the era of outdoor LCD display, smart cities are smarter

Outdoor Advertising LCD Screen Display have been widely used in various scenes of our lives and are an indispensable part of the construction of smart cities.

Create window vision, lead the mall

Hummax sunlight readable wall mounted LCD monitors is not only suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor use, but also has a design suitable for installation outdoors in direct sunlight and rain.

Super vision to see the world, fearless extreme environments

Bonding lcd display can be visible in the sun, has good contrast, outdoor readability, can effectively absorb vibration, has good shock and vibration resistance...
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