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With the continuous development of science and technology, shop windows are not only shop windows, but also works of art appreciated by people. In major fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, London, and other major chain stores, there are many glass showcases and a wide range of products. Every season's window update will attract a large number of passers-by to stop and admire, and we will also find the figure of the high brightness LCD displays . Window advertising is a marketing model that we come into contact with every day. It’s just that some do well, and some do poorly, but there is no doubt that as a form of outdoor advertising, window advertising is the most important and commonly used means of business marketing. Even in the era of rapid Internet development, window advertising Advertising still relies on its unique advantages to stand proudly in the business circle.

window LCD display

The design of the window screen needs to be unique

A personalized window display can play a very good promotional effect. The Window LCD screen is indeed very high in overall resolution, and the requirements that can be met now can guarantee a higher definition of the showcase screen. The advertising method changes from static to dynamic, and from dynamic to a shopping experience of "talking" with passersby. This unique and eye-catching design is attractive. Basically, you can see the detailed advertising content when you use it, which directly stimulates its desire to buy, thereby increasing the attention rate and entry rate of the store, and promoting the increase in product sales.

The window LCD screen has unique scenes and low interference

Compared with TV, newspapers, radio, and other outdoor advertisements, there are no other advertising media around the window advertising display scenery, which is easy to attract people’s attention.Especially when walking at night, the warm environment where the window advertisements are located will make people have a great memory of the advertisements on the display.

high brightness LCD displays 3000nits

The highlight window LCD advertising display has both sound and emotion, better effect

Traditional window advertisements are basically visual advertisements. Large-screen advertisements are mostly on the tops of high-rise buildings and far away from the audience. They can only see the pictures, and it is difficult to hear the sound. Window LCD display have both images and sounds, both voice and emotion, and the advertising effect is better. The ambient brightness is intelligently controlled by the light sensor, so there is no need to worry about the effects of being too bright at night.

Double-sided window screen has more advantages

Ordinary window LCD display are single-sided screens. Now that you have chosen a double-sided window screen, you can see a lot of advertisements both indoors and outdoors. Since the design is very novel in style, it is also very convenient to replace the entire content. Choosing such a window screen should bring many benefits, and it is very practical. Both sides of the double-sided advertising display can be used to promote the business. Moreover, the double-sided advertising monitor is generally placed in the window, so that customers can see the content of the advertising machine as long as they pass through the window.

sunlight readable wall mounted LCD monitors

The application areas of high brightness LCD screens are very wide, including real estate shops, automobile 4S shops, airports, hotels, banks, high-end clothing stores or shopping mall booths and other commercial spaces with theme display functions. Hummax sunlight readable wall mounted LCD monitors is not only suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor use, but also has a design suitable for installation outdoors in direct sunlight and rain.In the future, window highlight displays will be more widely used. The discerning shopkeepers quickly seize this business opportunity and give your beloved shop a new outfit.

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